Personal Injury Investigations

Personal Injury

Many people see an attorney when they are involved in an accident that leads to loss of life or personal injury, but there are instances when hiring an investigator as well as an attorney makes sense:

- If evidence from the attorney is unsatisfactory. Most legal professionals and insurance companies hire their own investigators. However, some victims may be unsatisfied with the evidence an attorneys investigator comes up with. If what the victim knows about an accident differs from the official findings of the accident, hiring an investigator ensures that the victim remains in control of the investigation and gets the answers they need.

- If the accident is expected to result in a large settlement. If the victim requires a settlement in order to pay for medical expenses, time lost at work, damage, or other expenses that insurance will not cover, hiring an investigator helps ensure that the victim has the evidence in hand in order to get a fair settlement.

- The accident involves someone in an important position. As with the Seattle teenager, accidents sometimes involve someone who is in power. In these cases, investigations from official sources may be slightly skewed or may be denied entirely in order to protect the important individual. Hiring an investigator helps ensure that politics or money do not affect the victims right to justice.

- The victim is being sued after an accident. In these cases, an investigator may be needed in order to protect the victim's interests. In these cases, an investigator can offer a degree of protection from inflated interest rates and from a frivolous legal action.

- The accident was caused by neglect. If the victim believes that someone has caused accidents by neglect, a private investigator can gather evidence to prove this. This can help ensure a fairer settlement and can help ensure that the same person does not cause another accident through neglect again.

- The victim is having trouble collecting insurance for an accident. In cases where it appears that insurance companies are stalling or defrauding the victim of the money that the victim deserves, an investigator can help get the insurance payout.

Our investigators are trained to gather evidence, i.e., go to the location, talk to witnesses, take measurements, photographs, etc.

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