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Private Investigations & Voice Stress Analysis

 PI Com private detectives investigate cases throughout the United States. We conduct Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) tests, not an ineffective polygraph test which can create stress. We conduct Infidelity-Cheaters investigations, surveillance, background checks, workers comp fraud, bank locates, undercover operations, missing persons investigations and more.

Mobile Notary Public Scottsdale Phoenix 24/7

PI Com Mobile Notary Public 24/7

Investigative services

Locate Persons

Locate missing person

Infidelity / Cheaters


Are the Odds Against You ?

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Lie Detection Test


 CVSA Lie Detection - Not a Stressful Polygraph test

Social Media Search

Social Media Search

Social Media Investigations

Locate Banks & Assets

Locate Banks & Assets

We Find Hidden Bank Accounts Real and Personal Property 


Surveillance Video and Photo Evidence

Video and Photo Evidence

Child Custody

Child Custody

Drugs-Alcohol-Violence Employment-Home Setting

Defense Investigations

Defense Investigations, False Arrest, Civil Rights Violations, Aggressive Cops

False Arrest-Civil Rights 

Violations-Aggressive Cops

Civil Investigations

Civil Investigations

Torts-Property Loss-Physical Harm or Pain and Suffering  

Insurance Fraud

Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations

Worker Compensation Fraud Private Investigations

Personal Injury


Slip Trip Fall or Product Injury

Accident Investigations

Accident Investigations

Injury Inside or Outside a Vehicle

All Background Checks